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KEMESU Cell Awakening - Liver Protection Formula (320MG

KEMESU Cell Awakening - Liver Protection Formula (320MG

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Content: 320 mg x 60 tablets

Ingredients: Pig liver enzymatic decomposition product (produced in Japan), microcrystalline cellulose, turmeric extract, zinc-containing yeast, maltitol, glycine, calcium stearate, fine silica, NMN

Nutritional information per tablet (estimated) Energy: 361kcal, protein: 21.7g, fat: 3.4g, carbohydrate: 61g, salt equivalent: 0.1g, sodium: 41g, water L 2.4g, ash: 11.5g

Take one to three capsules after each meal (adults daily)

Made in Japan

It has been scientifically proven to improve the protective function of the liver and help repair damage . It is a unique product that is rare in the world.

  • Promote liver cell regeneration and damage repair
  • Expand the detoxification function of the liver
  • Reduce metal and fat accumulation in the body
  • Prevent unwanted cell growth
  • Antioxidant effect, anti-aging
  • Promote metabolism
  • Enhance immunity
  • fatigue recovery

By taking Liver Sleep, you can dramatically increase your ability to resolve insomnia and improve sleep quality . This product can help you get deep and stable sleep. Even if you stop using hypnotics, you can still get high-quality sleep as long as you have this product. During the validation process of this product, no addictive properties were observed, demonstrating its high level of safety.

The Liver's Sleep series, which adheres to natural ingredients, is guaranteed to be your partner in helping you achieve a comfortable sleep. With long-term use, your mood will become stable and your physical and mental health will be strong.

The effects of NMN are as follows:

  • cell repair
  • Prevent aging
  • Enhance immunity
  • Improve basal metabolism
  • Reduce stress and promote sleep
  • Keep vascular tissue healthy
  • Improve memory
  • Anti-Aging
  • Promote hair growth
  • Maintain liver function
  • Strengthen bone density
  • Skin beautifying effect


Helps maintain muscle and bone strength support, promotes proper metabolism, supports a healthy brain, and aids in obtaining quality sleep.

Liver enzymes

Rich in amino acids and peptides. It helps promote liver function, promotes acetaldehyde metabolism in the body, and reduces hangover symptoms, so it is used in commercially available drugs and supplements. In the medical field, liver extracts or direct administration to the liver have long been used to treat chronic liver diseases, but in 1896, a German school tried to use liver hydrolysates to treat chronic liver diseases. In Japan, clinical research has been conducted since 1957, and the results have proven to be effective against chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholangitis, capillary cholangitis, toxic liver disease, allergic liver disease, etc.


Originally a plant considered ginger in India, it was mainly used for medicinal purposes. Today, turmeric is viewed as a health supplement for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, liver disease, depression, and more. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which is one of the reasons why it improves various symptoms.


One of the healthy nutritional minerals needed by the human body. In the human body, thousands of enzymes are involved in metabolism, immune enhancement, and other activities. Zinc is one of more than 200 enzymes that support body cell metabolism. The body cannot synthesize zinc on its own and must obtain it through food and supplements. Ingesting zinc can enhance the deliciousness of food, improve antioxidant capacity and immunity, maintain hair and skin health, improve cell regeneration activities, reduce depression and stress, etc.

Ingesting NMN and increasing NAD+ levels in the body has been proven to delay the aging of human organs and tissues, promote DNA cell repair and enhance immunity. It is also effective in metabolism and skin beautification.

Precautions for use:

If you develop any adverse health or physical condition, discontinue use of this product and consult your physician.

If you have any food allergies, please read the ingredients before consuming.

If you are taking medications, have a medical condition, are pregnant, or are nursing an infant, consult your doctor before consuming this product.

Please keep this product out of reach of infants.

Please refer to the recommended daily intake before consumption

Storage method: Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

Precautions for storage: After opening the bottle, please close the lid tightly and avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity.

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